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Fiona Gire


Hi I'm Fiona Gire, I am studying architecture in L’ÉCOLE NATIONALE SUPÉRIEURE D’ARCHITECTURE DE MONTPELLIER.  I am working as an intern for Cala Studio as part of my year studying abroad in Alicante University.

Instead of working as an intern in an architect office I decided to look at another related business to get a more rounded understanding of business and to better understand architectural photography which will be helpful in future collaborations when I become a qualified architect.

Part 1 - Pre Production

Pre production is the work that goes on before a photoshoot in order to plan to get the best results

Taking pictures involves many aspects such as light, shadows, composition etc… that’s why a pre-production work is done.

Firstly after making contact with the client, some information has to be shared to help the photographer to prepare his shooting well and avoid some problems that occur during the shooting.

Planning the Best time for the Shoot

That why it’s important that the client informs the photographer of the exact location of the house or flat, which permits to the photographer to check the weather and find a good day to shoot the property that is also convenient for the owner. In fact, the weather and location of the property are important for some reasons such as the quality of the sky and the orientation of the sun, the time, the surrounding etc… It’s mostly a question of light and shadows that makes a difference in the pictures.

Also, it can be useful to have some pictures of the house already taken by the owner so that the photographer has a preview of the property, and can be prepared with some ideas of possible point of views. The photographer can also have an idea of what lighting equipment he may need to bring out the best in the property.

Preparing the Equipment

The pre-production work includes also the preparation of the materials making sure that the cameras and lenses are clean, that all the batteries are charged etc.

In summary taking pictures involves much preparation however mostly good communication between the client and photographer will ensure that everything is ready for the shooting day.