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Fiona Gire


Hi I'm Fiona Gire, I am studying architecture in L’ÉCOLE NATIONALE SUPÉRIEURE D’ARCHITECTURE DE MONTPELLIER.  I am working as an intern for Cala Studio as part of my year studying abroad in Alicante University.

Instead of working as an intern in an architect office I decided to look at another related business to get a more rounded understanding of business and to better understand architectural photography which will be helpful in future collaborations when I become a qualified architect.

Part 3 - Post-Production

Post production is the work that goes on after a photoshoot to prepare the files for the client

When the shoot finishes, the photographer returns to his office and uploads all of the images to his computer and makes a backup, then the process of selecting the best images to edit begins.

Client Gallery

A private gallery is created for the client where they can select the images they wish to be editied

The photographer then sends the client an online album where he can choose his favorite images to be edited. In fact, the photographer involves the client throughout the process in order to get the results the client wants.

Editing the Images

When it comes to the moment to edit the images, you would have thought that to have one final picture we need to choose the best one. However that’s not the case, in fact many pictures are combined to create a final image.

A picture can take anywhere from ten minutes to a whole day to edit depending of the requirements of the client and technical aspects such as the lighting. That’s why the pre-production work and the management of the details are important.

The photographer edits the photographs, not with the intention of radically altering the picture, but to highlight the quality of the rooms staying as close to the reality as possible.

When the pictures are edited, they are sent to the client.

Finally, to be a photographer doesn’t include only « taking pictures » but a lot of work around it. Each day and each job is different – before being a job, it’s a passion.